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Motorcycle Gear Hub Review of the Cool-Air Armored Motorcycle Pants from Bohn Body Armor

REVIEW: Cool-Air Armored Motorcycle Pants

Motorcycle Gear Hub October 2019

Another stellar review of our Cool-Aire Armored Motorcycle Pants from Motorcycle Gear Hub. Thank you to Roy Lopez for trying them out and letting us know what you thought. 

If you want heaps of airflow like no other motorcycle underpant can offer and you also want riding comfort and armored coverage to spare, then the Bohn Armor Cool-Air Mesh armored pants ain’t just your summer-geared air-friendly underpants but also your full-year, do-it-all motorcycle underpants to add to your arsenal of versatile motorcycle gear.

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Motorcycle Gear Hub Review of the Cool-Air Mesh Armored Motorcycle Shirt

REVIEW: Cool-Air Armored Motorcycle Shirt 

Motorcycle Gear Hub October 2019

Roy Lopez of Motorcycle Gear Hub has done it again! Another fantastic review of one of our most popular items. Thank you Roy for the glowing review. We concur that the Cool-Air Armored Motorcycle Shirt is one of the “coolest” pieces of motorcycle gear on the planet!

Snippet from article

“The Cool-Air Mesh shirt’s fabric is sublime as it not only stretches and compresses like a true compression shirt but also the shirt’s fabric is of surprising high quality. I absolutely was not expecting this level of fabric quality given how full-mesh motorcycle shirts tend to tear apart or snap seams with much ease, which was never the case with the Cool-Air Mesh shirt.”

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Bohn Body Armor Review of Best Selling Armored Motorcycle Pants - Adventure Pants

REVIEW: All-Season Adventure Armored Motorcycle Pants 

 Motorcycle Gear Hub October 2019

Thank you once again to Roy Lopez of Motorcycle Gear Hub for the latest review of our most famous All-Season Adventure Pants. The best selling armored pants for over 20 years!  Roy was really able to capture in his review what 1000’s of our customers have been telling us for many years. 

Snippets from article

“The Bohn Armor All-Season Adventure pants are out-of-this-world comfortable. I’m not being hyperbolic in the slightest; these pants are all-day armored underpants without a shred of a doubt. The silk-like texture of the Adventure armored pants is sublime, not just visually but also tactually. The fabric doesn’t cause any irritation against the skin, while the stretch and compression obtained from the pant’s whole chassis performs like a true compression pant.”

“The Bohn Armor All-Season Adventure armored pants exceed all expectations and their advertised claims fall short of what these armored underpants can truly deliver.”

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Motorcycle Gear Hub review of Bohn Body Armor All-Season Armored Motorcycle Shirt - Airtex Armored Shirt

REVIEW: All-Season Airtex Armored Motorcycle Shirt

Motorcycle Gear Hub September 2019

Thank you to Roy Lopez of Motorcycle Gear Hub for the enthusiastic review of our All-Season Armored Airtex Motorcycle Shirt. Roy was quite impressed with our gear and has laid out the most comprehensive review of our motorcycle gear in years.  

Snippet from article

“[One] would also never expect the Airtex armored shirt to fit so great if going by the shirt’s advertising literature. Then, you also have all that incoming airflow, the light-weight chassis, the genuine looks of a riding shirt that will spare you from children pointing at you in fear, the functional versatility, the full seasonality to ride with the shirt year-round, and oh-so-very-much more, and it’s no wonder that so-many riders have fallen (and continue to fall) in love with this armored riding shirt from the folks at Bohn Armor.”

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REVIEW: Cool-Air Mesh Shirt and Pants

RIDER Magazine July 2019

Thank you to Greg Drevenstedt for your review of our Cool-Air Shirt and Pants. RIDER has long time been a partner for us and we are happy to see that they liked our product. 

Snippet from article

“I’ve worn the shirt and pants during commutes and daily rides, under a Joe Rocket leather jacket and Spidi riding jeans, and during two long, hot days on the Indian FTR 1200 press launch (see page 22), which included a couple hours of very active off-road riding. Once I put the Bohn gear on, I immediately forgot I was wearing it; the four-way stretch fabric allows complete freedom of movement.”

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Bohn Armor Review of All-Season Armored Riding shirt

REVIEW: All-Season Armored Motorcycle Shirt

Road Runner March April 2019

Thank you to Mark Thomas for the great review this month in ROADRUNNER magazine of our All-Season Airtex Armored Riding Shirt in red. 

Snippet from article:

“When the weather runs hot and humid, as it does for a long stretch of time particularly in the southern U.S. Motorcyclists face an ongoing conundrum-how do we remain cool, yet still ride with protective gear?

Two promising products on the market aim to provide a solution when used in combination, keeping you safe and comfortable. “

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REVIEW: All-Season Airtex Armored Motorcycle Shirt + All-Season Adventure Armored Pants

American Iron Magazine

Thank you to American Iron Magazine and Matt Kopec for the fantastic review of our All-Season Airtex shirt and All-Season Adventure pants.

Snippet from Article

“When it comes to riding gear, everyone has an opinion on what’s best. Even non-riders feel they should toss their hat in the ring. One of my favorite comments is “Aren’t you hot riding in a helmet and jacket?” Granted, I’ll usually hear this on a particularly warm day, but seriously? Or how about that “cool” fellow rider who wears a do-nothing novelty helmet, or goes with no gear at all. To them I say this: and an empty parking lot with plenty of room, run as fast as you can, and dive head first onto the asphalt. Now imagine how that fall might feel at highway speeds. Get the point?

Don’t get me wrong. Being comfortable while riding and not overheating on hot days is very important. So, finding the right gear is a crucial part of the motor-cycling experience. Bohn Body Armor offers a Bodyguard System that hits the mark.

This system is comprised of a two-part armored shirt and armored pants. It’s available in three riding season options: All-Season Adventure, good for—obviously—all- season riding; Cool-Air Mesh, for extremely hot conditions; and Performance-Thermal, insulated for cold-weather riding. I requested the All-Season option, since I tend to ride in various conditions. Yes, even on particularly warm days.”

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