Motorcycles and Roller Derby

I received a pair of your Bohn Body Armor Pants about a week ago and tried them for the first time yesterday. I have been desperately looking ever since for the place on your website where I can post a review, so I can start trumpeting to the world how much I LOVE this product!!!…
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Armor is Important on Short Rides, Too

I’ll spare you the gory and embarrassing details but I would just like to thank you for a truly wonderful product. Seeing as I was just going down the street to drop the bike at the shop I almost convinced myself I didn’t need to wear my body armor. Good sense prevailed and I put…
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T-Bone Crash at 40 MPH

Just few words to tell you how, by the grace of God, and your under armour saved my life after a T-bone crash at 40mph; although I was taken to the emergency room with bruised bones, a torn calf muscle, hyper-extended dislocated thumb and a head concussion I had no broken bones. Great product!

Low Speed Fall on Rocks

I had a chance to test the Adventure pants I purchased from you, on a low speed ( 20kph) fall on a rock surface back in October 2011, no harm done on the protected area, the pants performed as designed, as for me, trying to avoid the bike fell, twisted and broke the left ankle,…
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5K Trip Alone

Hey! Your product is OUTSTANDING! I ordered SHORTLY before a trip and you hussled and got them to me in time for departure. It was a 5K mile ride ALONE many miles after dark, all night sometimes! The confidence I had that I would survive a deer accident was reason enough to be happy with…
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Hit a Deer at 50 MPH

Thank you so much for the gear. I ended up getting hit and knocked off of my bike by a deer while I was going 50 the day after the order arrived. I survived with only bruises under the armour. Thank you again,

Recommended by Nova Scotia Safety Instructor

My amoured pants arrived two days ago and fit perfectly. I like having the thigh protection in and it all feels great. I am a Motorcycle Instructor with Nova Scotia Safety Services and now they cannot give me grief about my motorcycle gear (I like waterproof Gortex light weight gear instead of leathers). It rains…
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Hit and Run Victim

On 8/7/11, in Newcastle WY at 4PM, I was the victim of a hit and run crash. The driver looked right at me, pulled out, then when I was done falling, he looked at at me, then drove off. I was wearing your Adventure Pants and I had replaced the armor in my jacket with…
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Shirt and Pants are Absolutely Fantastic

Thought I would share a picture prior to a ride today. I am wearing the Bohn Armor Pants and Airtex Shirt in this photo. Today it was around 100 degrees when I started the ride and around 103 plus humidity at the end. The shirt and pants are absolutely fantastic and allow great airflow. For…
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Brent wearing Airtex shirt and Adventure Riding Pants

Works in ER and Recommends Bohn to Patients

I have worn your pants for three years under my work uniform and no one knows I have them on. They are comfortable from around 40 degrees to 95 and are not too bulky. I work intake at an ER and often ride to work & back. I feel more secure knowing I am wearing…
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