I Was Skeptical

I was skeptical when I placed my order. I have been riding for 37 years so I’m not a newcomer. I’ve  been using your mesh Armor riding shirt and not only is it the best, but I wish I had your product years ago. I’m a believer. The best LOU. P.S. This is a pictures…
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Man wearing Cool-Air Armored Motorcycle Riding Shirt

Deer Strike at 65 MPH

In June 2012 I hit a deer doing 65mph in Florida. My Bohn Armor pants saved my lower body. The Trauma Center Doc at the University of Florida Shands Medical Center walked around holding up my Bohn Armor to show all the Docs, Nurses & EMS Techs why I was not hurt any worse on…
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Road Tested in England

I gave the ‘Armoured Pants‘ a test ride at the weekend, perfect conditions really, (hot and sticky and not a breath of wind) anyway two pals and I set off to the coast at 7am on Sunday both my pals had leather trousers on and the usual bike gear, they found it particularly uncomfortable where…
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British Union Jack flag

Cool-Air System in 114° Heat

Let me just say that your Cool Mesh pants and shirt have saved me twice, on a trip through Redding, Cal. at 114 degrees and crossing the Old Barstow Trail from Laughlin to Baker on my dual purpose bike. A wet tee-shirt, then your cool mesh shirt and then a light weight coat. Same with…
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Friend Might Have Been Better Protected with Bohn

Just got home from a 3-day, 1000 miler! Riding a BMW 1200 RT mostly through “sweepers” and “twisties” against 4 different models of HDs. While they were sweltering in their leathers, I was enjoying my Bohn Cool-Air Mesh Riding Shirt, with an evaporative cooling vest underneath, and was still provided with as much protection in…
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Shorts Make Me Want to Keep Riding…

Last year I took my Ducati Monster on a 900 mile trip up the east side of Lake Champlain and across the northern islands to the Canadian border station and south through the Adirondacks to Troy NY then across the Mohawk Trail in MA and finished up in Rhode Island two days later. I developed…
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Breakdown in Mexico Heat

Last week my wife and me were on a ride from Guadalajara, to Los Azufres, Michoacan State, after 40 mi I noticed a weird handling of our Goldwing. We stopped, checked the front wheel, which had low pressure, broke air valve seat due an excessive enthusiast gas station guy who checked both tires just a…
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Dropped Piaggio at a Stop Sign

Made a rookie mistake and dropped my Piaggio MP3 400 at a stop sign. Landed on my Bohn Airtex Shirt. Hit my shoulder and elbow. Sore for one day but no damage to me or the jacket. Plus, I was bright yellow so everyone could see me sheepishly getting help to lift my bike.

I Laid my Bike Down on Hwy 1

I wear my Bohn Armor (shirt and pants) every single time I ride. I unfortunately laid my bike down on Hwy 1 near Big Sur, CA in March of this year. However, I walked away from this mishap without a single scratch on my arms or legs because of the Bohn products I was wearing….
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Peace of Mind

I bought some Bohn Armor Adventure Pants after reading a discussion on a motorcycle forum. I am glad I purchased them as about a month later I was involved in an accident where a car disregarded a Give Way sign. Having nowhere to go I hit the car and ended up underneath my bike. I…
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