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#1 Selling Armored Motorcycle Riding
Protection System in America

For over 20 years motorcycle riders from all over have worn and loved our versatile, easy to wear armored shirts, shorts and pants.

Bohn Body Armor’s armored shirts, shorts and pants fit comfortably under your clothes in any weather. With three riding season fabric options available, you can mix and match our armored system to suit your riding needs, comfort and style.

Three riding season fabric options for:

What makes us so unique is our product versatility. You can mix and match shirts, shorts and pants from any season for your riding needs. We also offer fabric shells without armor so you’ll always have a spare set ready for your next ride.

Our products are soft, comfortable, light and fit easily under your favorite clothing. No more buying full suits of heavy, bulky armored leather. Now you can simply wear our clothing under your own favorite jeans, pants, jackets and rain gear.

Our armor on the shoulder, arm, elbow, hip, knee and shin is certified CE Level 1. Our tailbone, thigh and back armor also provide additional layers of protection for our customers.

For 20 years we have received hundreds of letters, emails and phone calls telling us how fantastic our products are and how they helped save so many from major bodily harm. Read real rider stories…