About Us

#1 Selling Armored Motorcycle Riding Protection System in America for almost 25 years!


The Origins of Bohn

When the founder of Bohn Body Armor, Paul English, moved to America from the UK in the mid-1990’s he was shocked to find that most Americans didn’t wear motorcycle protection at all. 

He would see motorcyclists riding in jeans and a t-shirt and thought it was absolutely nuts. Paul had grown up racing motorcycles winning titles all over the world for his talents like The Isle of Man, so for him, “suiting up”, was natural. He would never imagine riding without full leathers or protection.

That was until he experienced his first summer in Northern California where temperatures can reach over 110 degrees for weeks at a time. 

Paul loved to ride his motorcycle but became acutely aware that riding in full leathers or for that matter most motorcycle jackets or pants wasn’t going to work for him. 

That’s why he invented the Bohn Bodyguard System–armored pants and shirts you can wear under jeans and over your favorite t-shirt. The “system” was meant to hold the armor close to the body protecting the most vulnerable injury areas of the body while keeping you cool and comfortable in the heat.

Fast forward 25 years, Paul has since passed away (in 2016) and new owners Kristen and Eddie Staggs (since 2017) are pushing the company forward continuing to answer the call for comfortable, affordable motorcycle gear for riders all over the US, Canada and the world. 

Roots in Motorcycling

Just like Paul, Eddie has roots in the motorcycle industry racing motocross for over 20 years in the South Bay of California in the 70’s, 80′ and 90’s,. He then worked at Fox Racing in the Bay area and a Harley Davidson dealership in Northern California for many years. While Eddie still prefers the off-road experience, his wife Kristen has embraced motorcycle riding and enjoys the open-road often riding to work on her Can-Am 3-wheel Ryker. Their son who is almost 7 has expressed an interest in riding and they plan to introduce him to motorcycling very soon. 

The Future of Bohn

In 2021 Kristen and Eddie moved Bohn’s headquarters from California to North Carolina, closer to clothing manufacturing and the racing and motorsports industry. They settled in Race City USA– Mooresville, NC just 20 minutes north of Charlotte and less than two hours from The Blue Ridge Mountains.

Both Kristen and Eddie are dedicated to making the best, most comfortable motorcycle clothing for riders of all shapes and sizes. Kristen is focused on helping women in the very underserved motorcycle industry and they both have put the emphasis, as much as possible, on goods made in America. In 2022 they are expanding their sizing for Big+Tall sizes and will be coming out with a few new products–Flannels, Jackets and new armored color shirts. 

“This past year has been fantastic! The move to Mooresville, North Carolina has been incredible for us. We opened a small showroom for customers passing through on their way to other destinations, and to serve our local community. Customers can visit, try on the clothes and have a quick chat about their adventures. We’ve met the nicest people from all over the world and have finally been able meet some of our long-time customers and supporters. “

Plan a visit

Are you planning a trip through or to North Carolina? Please have a quick stop and visit. We like to be at the shop when you come by so please give us a call before you come. 704-663-0351. 

Our shop is located on the same street Bell Helmets Pro Shop is on and in the same business park as Jr. Motorsports (Dale Earnhardt Jr.), Front Row Motorsports, DGR Motorsports and the NASCAR training facility. We are 2 miles off Interstate 77. 

We look forward to meeting you and as always, if you ever have questions about Bohn or our products please give us a call. We are always happy to help!