Big and Tall Sizing Update

We appreciate your interest in our Big & Tall sizing.

Please note, many people who “think” they need Big & Tall Sizing can actually fit into our current sizes due to the nature of the fabric and stretch. Please call before you wait for our new sizes to arrive. We will let you know if you need to wait for the big and tall sizing – 704-663-0351. 

Update on  Big &  Tall Sizing: 

  1. New patterns include:
    1. 4XL on pants
    2. Tall and thin pants (ie. 30in waist 36in inseam)
    3. 5XL Shirts 
    4. Longer, All-Season Airtex shirts in sizes L-5XL with new larger shoulder pad,  3-4 inches longer at the bottom.
  2. The patterns are adjusted and ready to go! Our manufacturing facility however is backlogged due to staffing issues. 
  3. We are searching for additional sewists in the US that can help us, but they too are backlogged. Our desire to keep the products sewn in the US is steadfast and we are not looking to have our products sewn overseas. We believe in the USA and US manufacturing. 

We apologize for the delay. Due to the pandemic; lockdowns, staff shortages and fabric shortages with our pattern makers and sewers our expected timeframe now is sometime in summer 2022..

In the meantime….

If you would like to be added to the list, please send your measurements to [email protected] and we will add you to our list. 

Thank you again for your patience. 

– Bohn Body Armor