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Bohn Bodyguard Pants & Shorts Size Guide

Bohn Bodyguard Shirts Size Guide

Bohn Heavy-Duty Armored Shirts Size Guide

Bohn Aerostich Back Protectors Size Chart

Bohn Bodyguard Pants & Shorts: Adventure & CoolAir

Bohn Armored Pants Sizing Guide

Bohn BodyGuard Shirts: Airtex, Performance & CoolAir

Bohn Armored Shirt Sizing Guide

Bohn Heavy-Duty Armored Shirts: Crusader, Dakar, Outdoor & Xtreme

Bohn Heavy-Duty Armored Shirt Sizing Guide

Bohn Aerostich Back Protectors: KC & Euro RR Series

Back Size

 Fits: Suit / Jacket Size

Small 34, 36S, 36, 36L, 38S, 38, 40S, 42S
Medium 38L, 40, 40L, 42, 42L, 44S, 44, 46S, 48S
Large 44L, 46, 46L, 48, 48L, 50S, 50, 50L

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