Armor Specifications and Details

Bohn Body Armor offers Certified CE Level 1 protection on the following areas of the body for our Bodyguard products:

Level 1 vs. Level 2 Protection Explained:

A limb protector labeled CE Level 1 is deemed to conform to a CE Level 1 standard if the average transmitted force of nine tests is less than 35 kN, with no single test result exceeding 50 kN.

CE Level 2 limb Armor conforms to CE Level 2 standard if the average transmitted force of nine tests is less than 20 kN.

Is Bohn armor good armor?

Bohn’s armor is incredible! Not only does it meet CE Level 1 standards but in some of our impact zones, our armor exceeds the minimum kN force for CE Level 1 certification.

It was developed in Germany by two avid motorcycle racing professionals and was designed specifically to be super comfortable, provide more coverage/protection than the average armor and to provide full range of motion. 

Should you choose Level 1 or Level 2 for street riding or dual sport riding?

For most street and dual sport riders riding safely and within the speed limit, CE Level 1 protection is going to be more than sufficient. CE Level 2 protection has only recently become more popular partly due to an increase in riders wanting safer riding gear but mostly marketing. Historically CE Level 2 armor had been reserved for mostly track riding where riders were exceeding 100 miles an hour. With companies competing for newer, cooler gear in a softened motorcycle market, armor manufacturers came out with gear that could withstand more impact/force.

When will Bohn have Level 2 armor?

We expect to have CE Level 2 armor in 2021. We will reach out to our previous customers with a special deal for a replacement if they wish.

–Remember though–Our CE Level 1 armor (hips, knees, shins, elbows and forearm) is lauded as some of the most comfortable armor on the market. We offer a soft, flexible, lightweight, articulated armor that conforms to your body better than most. This allows for better range of motion for safer riding. Our armor also is a “repeat use” armor meaning if you have an unscheduled dismount at any speed, you won’t have to replace the armor. 

Why are only some limb protectors Level 1 and some not?

What most people don’t realize is that thigh armor and tailbone armor cannot be certified Level 1 OR 2. There is no certification/test for that. We offer those pieces for extra added protection where most other companies don’t. We want our riders to be safe and the thighs and tailbone are also quite vulnerable to injury and road rash. 

If you don’t wear it, it won’t protect you anyway!

One thing to keep in mind is comfort when riding. Armor that is too stiff and does not conform or bend naturally with the body can be more of a hindrance when riding. If your gear is uncomfortable, you won’t wear it. CE Level 1 or CE Level 2 won’t matter if you aren’t wearing any gear to begin with. So make sure your armor is comfortable while riding so you’ll wear it every time you ride. 

“I get too HOT when I am wearing gear!”

Your gear should not be too hot or too cold. Our mesh armored gear will help keep your body temperature right where you want it to be. You can layer clothes over or under your Bohn armored gear so that you can stay at a comfortable riding temperature. Most of our customers wear a t-shirt under our shirts and a pair of jeans or kevlar pants over our pants. In the winter, customers will layer their favorite riding jacket over our armored shirts and rain gear or kevlar pants over their Bohn pants.