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Your testimonials are wild – are they real?

YES! Every word is from a real customer report that has been sent to us.

Do you have an interesting testimonial of your own? We would love to hear from you. We’d also love a picture of you in your gear. Please send to [email protected]

Why should I buy Bohn Body Armor instead of another brand?

What is great about Bohn Body Armor is that we’re really not like any other motorcycle armored clothing company.

We offer the coolest, most breathable, fabric shirts, pants and shorts to protect you from shoulders to shins on every ride. 

You can continue to wear your own jeans, pants, shirts, jackets etc. but with a layer of protection underneath. 

Rather than us tell you how awesome we are, read our testimonials and let our customers tell you themselves.

I ride on the back of my husband’s bike – do I need protection?

We repeatedly hear from our customers that peace of mind is just as important as the physical protection you wear. So if you are feeling vulnerable, that is a good reason in itself to get protected. And yes passengers are just as vulnerable in a crash as the rider up front!

I ride a cruiser and we don’t go fast…

Unfortunately speed does not cause all crashes. Cars and trucks pulling out, diesel and gravel on the road and other random events make motorcyclists, even veteran riders, very vulnerable when things go wrong.  Dress for the crash, not for the ride.

Can I use them for skiing?

Of course! We sell quite a lot for winter sports and in fact all active sports and pursuits. We have ladies soccer teams, acrobats, roller derby queens, rodeo cowboys, martial artists, skateboarders, skydivers, equestrians, military, police and more among our tens of thousands of satisfied customers.

I ride in the heat of the summer what do you recommend?

We are in NorCal and we know what it’s like to ride when it’s over 100°F for months!

We offer two types of riding gear to suit you in the heat:

Cool-Air Mesh offers the most ventilated and completely cool option. You will hardly notice it at all with it’s 100% breathable mesh and soft stretchy fabric.

All-Season Adventure offers an all-season option. Still great for warm climates but you can also use them throughout the year. Made from Lycra, they are also stretchy and comfortable.

What is great is that you can order the cool-air mesh and get a Performance-Thermal fabric shell for winter if you also ride in colder weather too. Our system is interchangeable and offers you versatility.

What if I crash – do I have to scrap the armor?

No, all the Bohn armor is multi-use, so as long as there is no physical damage you are good to reuse it. If you have any concerns feel free to call us.

If you find you do need to replace your armor, you can order it here: Armor Only

Do I have to use all the armor?

Our pants come with removable knee + shin, hip, thigh and tailbone armor, and our shirts come with removable shoulder, elbow + forearm and back armor. While we recommend wearing all the armor, you are free to find a setup that suits your riding needs.

What are these flat pieces of armor in with my pants?

You will find the thigh pads for your Bohn Pants enclosed separately. This is because many riders have told us they wear these occasionally.

The thigh pads are easy to install in the pocket of the pants. There is a vertical overlapping flap which holds the armor in place and the cut-out in the thigh goes towards the crotch.

I’ve lost one of the armor sections. Can I replace it?

Yes, it’s easy to replace what you need. We offer all of our armor for sale separately. Click Here for more details.

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