“20 years ago we set out to make the most versatile, comfortable armored clothing available. You can wear our shirts alone or under a jacket and our pants under your favorite jeans or rain-gear. Comfort, safety and freedom of movement. That’s what Bohn has always been about.”
—Paul English, Founder

What is the Bohn BodyGuard System™?

The Bohn Body Armor BodyGuard System™ (shirt + pants or shorts) fits comfortably under your clothes and offers lightweight, CE Level 1, low-profile armor on the shoulders, elbows, forearms, tailbone, hips, thighs, knees and shins. The breathable back protector in the riding shirts features a reinforced spine for added protection and soft, flexible padding for extra comfort.

With three riding season fabric options available (All-Season, Hot/Humid and Cool/Cold riding), and removable armor, you can mix and match the armored system to suit your riding needs, comfort and style.

The comfortable, stretchy fabric holds the armor snug to the body in the event of a fall.

It’s the ultimate, lightweight, breathable protection you have been searching for!