Kevlar + Bohn Armor Pants–A Perfect Combination!

Bohn Riders wearing Bohn Armored Pants and Armored Shirts

Many riders are interested to see how Kevlar® jeans work with Bohn Armored Pants.

Simply put, Bohn Armor pants are for impact protection and some abrasion protection. Kevlar® jeans are for abrasion only.

Positioning the armor as close to your body so that the armor it’s in the right place if you fall should be your #1 concern. When you wear jeans where the armor is already installed, the armor can bounce around and is not always right where you need it upon impact. This is why our pants work so well—they fit comfortably under your jeans and keep the armor in place.

While Bohn Body Armor Pants are primarily for impact protection on the vulnerable corners you land on and damage, they will provide some level of abrasion protection on the areas covered by armor. This is a secondary benefit over the incredible impact protection you get from our pants.

RIDER TIP: For double or triple protection, wear our pants under your favorite Kevlar® jeans. Our armored pants will keep the armor close to your body and the Kevlar® jeans will help with extra abrasion protection.

Are the armored pants hot?
Not at all! Unlike other brands, we offer three fabric options to suit your riding needs. We use Lycra and mesh fabrics to keep you cool and help wick away moisture. If you are riding in really hot, humid weather, we recommend our 100% mesh, fully breathable Cool-Air Mesh pants.

Will the pants fit under my jeans?
We have found the most popular/average Kevlar® jeans (ie. Draggin, Sliders, Diamond Gusset, Icon, Alpinestar, etc.) fit comfortably over our armored pants. Even ladies jeans, which can be a bit tighter, usually have enough stretch to fit the low-profile armor.

What about your armor – is it good stuff?
We get this question more and more each day. Understanding the different ratings and protection levels can be confusing. In a nutshell, our armor is awesome! Just ask 1000’s of rider who wear our gear. Our pants come with CE Level 1 armor. This is more than likely an upgrade to most of your gear you already have and is the perfect amount of protection for street riding. Our armor was developed by a motorcycle racer and avid street rider and he took protection very seriously—wanting to provide the best, most comfortable armor possible.

Will I need to replace the armor if I take a fall?
When you take a fall you usually bounce first, then slide. Our armor helps take the initial impact (the worst part of the fall). You usually won’t need to replace the armor, but we recommend you inspect it for damage. If you need to replace armor or shells, we sell them individually: Buy Armor | Buy Shells

How do I know that your pants will work for me?
Try our 90-day trial. You can also read testimonials from other riders just like you.