Armor Only

Have you lost the armor from your Bohn Armored Pants, Shirt or Shorts? Has your existing armor become damaged? These armor pieces are the exact same thing that originally came with your garments, making it easy to continue riding with Bohn’s proven protection!

Maybe you are looking to replace the useless foam that comes with many suits and jackets? Upgrade your suit to Bohn Armor! Many suit manufacturers simply use comfort foam to pad out shoulders, etc. After all, their business is to sell you a nice suit, not armor!

Designed for use in Bohn fabric shells, our armor will usually fit in the pockets already in your suit, or you can trim it if required.

Riders especially like the comfort and durability of our armor sections since they fit ‘into’ the shape of your body.

Tailbone and Back armor sold individually. Shoulder, Arm + Elbow, Hip, Knee + Shin and Thigh Armor sold in pairs.

For armor installation instructions, please click here.