Armored Pants

NEW! Level 2 Armor NOW standard on All Pants! Highest level of protection available!

Protect your Tailbone, Hips, Thighs, Knees + Shins, while staying Cool and Comfortable on Every Ride!

  • Wear under your Jeans or favorite riding pants for the most comfortable ride.
  • Leg protection that Stays in Place!!!
  • CE-Level 2 Protection for Hips, Knees and Shins. Extra protection on Tailbone and Thighs 
  • Three Riding Season Fabric Options: Hot + Humid | All-Season | Winter
  • Fits Men and Women Sizes 2XS-3XL

#1 Benefit of our Armored Riding Pants: Unlike other armored pants where the Armor Flops around, Bohn’s Armor fits Comfortably Snug to your Body so it will be in the Right Place if You Need it!

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