Armored Shirts

NEW! Level 2 Armor on Shoulders + Arms Standard on ALL Shirts! The LATEST impact technology available.

The Ultimate Upper-Body Protection for Back, Shoulders, Elbows and Arms. Keeping you Cool and Comfortable on Every Ride!

  • Wear over a T-Shirt as a Summer Mesh Shirt/Jacket or Under a Warm Jacket when it’s Cooler.
  • CE-Level 2 Protection on Shoulders, Elbows/Arms (Optional upgrade to CE-Level 2 for Back).
  • Reinforced, Lightweight, Flexible Back Protector.
  • Three Riding Season Fabric Options. Hot + Humid | All-Season | Winter.
  • Fits Men and Women Sizes XS-4XL.

Our armored motorcycle shirts are a great option for any ride in any weather. They’re cool and breathable and keep the armor close to the body right where you need it for when you need it.