Hot/Humid Weather

Some Say it’s “The Ultimate in Hot Weather Gear!” We Could Not Agree More!

Stay Cool and Protected all Summer Long in our Lightest Weight Fabric. Bohn’s Cool-Air Armored Mesh Shirts, Pants and Shorts make Riding in the Heat a Breeze!

With Incredible Impact Protection and Durable Lightweight Mesh, our Armored Shirts, Pants and Shorts make for a Truly Comfortable Ride.

Wear our Armored Pants under your Jeans or Favorite Riding Pants. Wear our Mesh Shirts over a T-Shirt or Under a Light Shirt or Jacket. Our Featherweight Mesh Fabric Feels cool on the Skin and will let Wind Pass Right Through–Keeping you Cool and Comfortable. Fits Men and Women Sizes 2XS-3XL


  • Flexible Armor stays Snug to the Body in the Event of a Fall
  • Lightweight, Breathable Mesh lets Cool Air Pass Right Through
  • Invisible Under Clothes
  • Easy to Launder and Fast Drying