Hot/Humid Weather

Some Say it is “The Ultimate in Hot Weather Gear!” We Could Not Agree More!

Stay Cool and Protected all Summer Long in our Lightest Weight Fabric. Bohn’s Cool-Air Armored Mesh Shirts, Pants and Shorts make Riding in the Heat a Breeze!

With Incredible Impact Protection and Durable Lightweight Mesh, our Armored Shirts, Pants and Shorts make for a Truly Comfortable Ride.

Wear our Armored Pants under your Jeans or Favorite Riding Pants. Wear our Mesh Shirts over a T-Shirt or Under a Light Shirt or Jacket. Our Featherweight Mesh Fabric Feels cool on the Skin and will let Wind Pass Right Through–Keeping you Cool and Comfortable. Fits Men and Women Sizes 2XS-3XL


  • Flexible Armor stays Snug to the Body in the Event of a Fall
  • Lightweight, Breathable Mesh lets Cool Air Pass Right Through
  • Invisible Under Clothes
  • Easy to Launder and Fast Drying