Suit Kit Body Armor
9 Pieces


  • Comfortable molded shape fits your body
  • Rugged High-Performance Construction fits in existing pockets
  • Can be trimmed to fit
  • Easily fits in most jackets (not recommended for Aerostich due to their non-compatible armor shapes)
  • Multi-Use (crash) construction – inspect only for visible damage after a spill
  • CE Level 1 on shoulder, arm+elbow, hip and knee+shin

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Upgrade your suit to Bohn Armor! Many suit manufacturers simply use comfort foam to pad out shoulders, etc. After all, their business is to sell you a nice suit, not armor!

Our armor will usually fit in the pockets already in your suit, or you can trim it if required.

Riders especially like the comfort and durability of our molded shoulder, arm/elbow, knee/shin and hip sections since they fit ‘into’ the shape of your body.

Suit Kit Contains:

  • 2 Shoulder Sections
  • 2 Arm+Elbow Sections
  • 1 Back Armor
  • 2 Hip Pads
  • 2 Knee+Shin Sections