Big Deer Crash

Just wanted to thank Bohn Armor for the protection your pants provided. Both my wife and I were wearing your armored motorcycle riding pants (along with head, torso, feet and hand protection) when a deer jumped into our path at 75 mph (interstate driving). The impact from the deer broke a few of our bones…
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Motorcycle Riding Pants Best Selling

Female Newbie Feedback

Bohn Armor – Second year (female) newbie here. . .I bought the Cool-Air Mesh Armored Riding Pants. Their chart size is pretty accurate and ordered for my height (4’11”) Although, I had to buy a new pair of jeans, the next size up and more room in the thigh to accommodate the armor around the…
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Hot weather Armored motorcycle riding pants back view

Supermoto Crash

I just want to say thank you for a great product. I work in the motorcycle industry and I see a lot of safety gear. Your armored pants are what I choose to wear under my off-road gear for dirt track schools. I’ve also crashed with them (under dirtbike gear) on a supermoto course and…
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Dropped Piaggio at a Stop Sign

Made a rookie mistake and dropped my Piaggio MP3 400 at a stop sign. Landed on my Bohn Airtex Shirt. Hit my shoulder and elbow. Sore for one day but no damage to me or the jacket. Plus, I was bright yellow so everyone could see me sheepishly getting help to lift my bike. BUY…
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Riding Style is “Disaster Waiting to Happen”…

Going over the bars of my Honda CRF250x, in my Bohn padded shorts. I bounced instead of splatting. Calling my riding a ‘style’ is being generous. it’s more like a disaster waiting to happen.

Bike Fell on Knee in Gravel Lot

I’m a combo rider. I ride a TW 200 mostly on the paved roads around my scenic town of Kanab, Utah, but since my bike is a dual sport and we have gorgeous, back-country dirt roads and trails as well, when I feel adventurous, I do a little exploring. I’m 53 and this is my…
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Crashed at 70mph

Thank you for making a terrific product. I crashed at 70mph last weekend and I was barely injured. The knee armor in the Bohn pants worked perfectly to cushion the impact. I have some swelling and road rash but not a single fracture. Thank you most sincerely. BUY PRODUCTS FROM TESTIMONIAL BELOW