ER Doc Asked Why All Riders Don’t Wear This Armor

I was the victim of a hit and run crash. The driver looked right at me, pulled out, then when I was done falling, he looked at me again, then drove off.
I was wearing your under the jeans pants and I had replaced the armor in my jacket with your armor.
As I was laying on my hands and knees on hwy 85 I thought I had a broken leg and ribs.
Upshot? the doctors and nurses in the ER were just amazed. No broken bones, no road rash. I did feel like someone had beaten me with a baseball bat. But, I walked out of the ER!
I had some unique bruises, on my left leg and rib cage. They matched your armor exactly.
The doctor in the ER spent 3-5 minutes just looking at my armor. He said I should have been hurt a lot worse than I was and asked how come all riders don’t wear this armor. All I could tell him was ‘good question.’
I was going about 40MPH and the EMT told me I had slid about 100 feet.
I give praise to Christ and you guys for saving my butt, literally.
Thank you and good job.–Mr. Tracey M