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Design a Perfect Protection System?

What if you could design your own Perfect Protection System?

You’re not planning to wreck. You’re a careful rider,but you’d just like to be prepared. Just In Case.

You’d have the armor positioned close to your body, and snug so it can’t slip out of position in a wreck. Like it can with armor in jackets and suits. Slimline contoured and comfortable so it can be worn under your regular gear. or even jeans. It’s basically invisible.

It would be flexible and light, so you can wear it all day and move freely. Performance lightweight armor that’s tested to European CE Standards. All held in place by lightweight interchangeable shells that you can switch for size, color and even season. That would be an awesome concept. Ultimate comfort versatility and protection. Wear what you like over the top!

But guess what? You can get it now! The Bohn Bodyguard System does all this and much more!

Proven over the last 15 years and tested by tens of thousands of riders. People just like you. It’s the best protection system you’ve never seen, and you know why?

It’s because it’s underneath!

Ride Safe with the Bohn Bodyguard System


Riding Protected in the Heat

Summer’s here and it’s time to ride! There’s nothing better than cruising the open roads in the breeze.

But nowadays it just seems s-m-a-r-t to be wearing some protection. there’s so many more hazards out there now.

But riding wrapped up all hot and sweaty, in a suit or riding jacket is not why we ride! That’s just not fun.

Trouble is, the T shirt and jeans look, just seems a bit well, a bit sketchy now. It’s like Riding Naked.

But you know, there’s a great solution. Check out the Bohn Bodyguard System -armored shirts and pants,that you wear under your jeans and riding shirt You’re really protected,Top quality and comfortable armor on all the areas you need it. And really cool, it breathes right through

And so cool that your friends can’t even tell you’re wearing it! Used by tens of thousands of riders – people just like you!

Ride Safe with the Bohn Bodyguard System