I Have Been Wearing Bohn Armor for Years

I am a dual sport rider and have been wearing Bohn Armor for years. It is comfortable and the armor pads stay in the proper position no matter how rough the trail becomes. They have saved me from injury countless times. Highly recommend Bohn.

Jim and I LOVE the Bohn Airtex Shirts

Bohn Body Armor customers Jim and Jean Parker were featured in the March issue of Wing World Magazine. They chronicled their recent trip to Nova Scotia wearing our Bohn All-Season Airtex armored riding shirts. Here is what they had to say about their shirts: Jim and I are all about “All The Gear, All The…
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6 Years and 160,000 miles with Bohn Adventure Pants

I bought the Bohn Armor Pants at the BMW shop in Los Angeles while I was working a project near there. They saw their first use in local tours along the Angeles Crest and the wonderfully twisted highways over the California coastal ranges. But it was after the project was completed and I was on…
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Rider Tested 4,000 Miles on the Alcan Highway

Nine days, 4000 overall miles, with the encouragement of bears, bison, fox, moose, elk, mountain lions and the occasional human, the AlCan was over and the search for my next adventure had begun. I didn’t conquer the AlCan.  The beauty, the scale, the road, the ride, became a part of who I am and even…
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Brad Johnson rides with Armored Pants to Alaska

US Army Crash Report from Korea

I’m stationed over in South Korea and ride as much as possible with our local club, the Yongsan Road Dragons.  I have a 1999 Harley Davidson Lowrider which I was out riding the other day… The club was traveling south (12 bikes) to OSAN for the day.  I was the 4th bike in the far…
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Man knocks bumper off bus with knee and Bohn Armor Riding Pants

Bus Bashes Riders in Mexico!

Once upon a time in Mexico there was a happy go lucky gringo on a motorcycle (Riding a K1200 RS) and a sleepy Mexican bus driver. Touring through the central Mexican mountains on a motorcycle with your buddy is one of the most rewarding things one can experience, culturally and viscerally, on a motorcycle. My…
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Near Miss Leads to Online Search and Bohn Body Armor

A few weeks ago, riding home from work. I entered the freeway in a busy area of San Francisco. Splitting lanes (legally). A ‘no look’ driver swerves directly in my path. I hard corner left. Front braking. My ‘Spidey Sense’ tingles. Suddenly feeling the front wheel sliding out from beneath. My knee bangs the pavement….
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“I Was Launched Like a Golf Ball Off a Tee…”

Didn’t think that I would be reporting on the crash performance of Bohn Adventure Armored Pants so soon. On my 2nd ride wearing the Adventures under a pair of MSR Explorer Pants, I was waiting to turn right off a side road onto well traveled country 2-lane. A car attempting to make a left turn…
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Seizure at 55 MPH

Within one month of buying the Adventure Armored Pants I had a seizure while riding at 55 mph and woke up in the ditch with paramedics cutting my clothes off. I had a sprained thumb and dislocated ankle and lots of scrapes, but absolutely no injuries in the areas protected by the armor. I really…
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Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride

Thanks to your armored pants, my hip was saved during the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in Los Angeles this past summer. I wore them for protection under my “fashionable” suit pants. I took a spill making a sudden stop behind a crowd of other bikers and landed hard on my leg. The bruising was bad, but…
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Distiguished Gentlemans Ride with Bohn Body Armor