Flipped a Few Times

I was wearing your Armored Riding Shirt (zip up front) when I was involved in an accident. I was thrown off my bike and landed on my left shoulder. I flipped a few times and came to rest on my butt. Upon examination, your armor did its job! I sustained a fractured left rib, but…
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Female Kamikaze Flight

Hi, I bought your Airtex armored shirt and pants at the International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, CA. A few weeks ago, the weather was perfect for riding, even a little hot, the type of day that I would normally ride with just an tank top, and definitely no jacket. I did however decide to…
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Big Deer Impact

June 13,2009 I hit a deer with my 2000 Daytona 955i.  That is all I remember for the next 2 weeks. When I became aware I found I had a severely broken R wrist and a loss of 2 feet of my intestines. I was wearing Bohn armor pants and shirt with full armor and…
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I Commute 200 Miles…

I Received my Adventure Pants and have been wearing them for a week now. They are absolutely great. I commute 200 miles round trip to work everyday. It is great to be able to wear the attire I need for work and yet still be protected. As you know in Mississippi it get hot.  Lately…
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I Was Skeptical

I was skeptical when I placed my order. I have been riding for 37 years so I’m not a newcomer. I’ve  been using your mesh Armor riding shirt and not only is it the best, but I wish I had your product years ago. I’m a believer. The best LOU. P.S. This is a pictures…
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Man wearing Cool-Air Armored Motorcycle Riding Shirt

Cool-Air System in 114° Heat

Let me just say that your Cool Mesh pants and shirt have saved me twice, on a trip through Redding, Cal. at 114 degrees and crossing the Old Barstow Trail from Laughlin to Baker on my dual purpose bike. A wet tee-shirt, then your cool mesh shirt and then a light weight coat. Same with…
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Friend Might Have Been Better Protected with Bohn

Just got home from a 3-day, 1000 miler! Riding a BMW 1200 RT mostly through “sweepers” and “twisties” against 4 different models of HDs. While they were sweltering in their leathers, I was enjoying my Bohn Cool-Air Mesh Riding Shirt, with an evaporative cooling vest underneath, and was still provided with as much protection in…
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Dropped Piaggio at a Stop Sign

Made a rookie mistake and dropped my Piaggio MP3 400 at a stop sign. Landed on my Bohn Airtex Shirt. Hit my shoulder and elbow. Sore for one day but no damage to me or the jacket. Plus, I was bright yellow so everyone could see me sheepishly getting help to lift my bike.

I Laid my Bike Down on Hwy 1

I wear my Bohn Armor (shirt and pants) every single time I ride. I unfortunately laid my bike down on Hwy 1 near Big Sur, CA in March of this year. However, I walked away from this mishap without a single scratch on my arms or legs because of the Bohn products I was wearing….
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T-Boned by a Deer

Last June I was T-boned by a deer, doing 60 on my Harley. All I received was road rash but that could have been avoided had I been wearing armor. Soooo, I bought Bohn Armor shirt and pants to better protect myself.