Ride in Your Own Jeans with Bohn Armored Pants Underneath

Bohn Riders wearing Bohn Armored Pants and Armored Shirts


Riding in jeans without any armor is crazy!

You are essentially exposing yourself to a possible shatter or break on your hips, tailbone, knees etc. But we know you love riding in jeans. They’re comfortable, they move with you and they are much cooler than leather.

So, how do you protect yourself yet still stay comfortable? Wear Bohn Armor’s armored motorcycle pants under your jeans. You’ll never know you are wearing them–just ask 1000’s of riders who’ve been riding in our pants for over 20 years. Our armored motorcycle pants are lightweight, flexible and cool and they fit comfortably under your favorite riding pants (jeans, cargo pants, rain gear, etc.).

Invisible, Comfortable, Breathable protection for your knees, shins, tailbone, hips and thighs.

Cool and comfortable – Non-restrictive – Armor stays snug to your body

Three great options for any type of weather: 

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Protection you can count on

Every pair of our armored motorcycle pants features nine armored protection points over your most vulnerable body parts. The snug design of the fabric shell holds the armor in place and fits comfortably under your favorite jeans.

Armor details

20+ years protecting our customers

Bohn Body Armor pants have been the best selling armored pants in the USA for over 20 years.

That’s a lot of satisfied customers!

We’re continually making improvements, researching the latest in armor technology, fabric and construction, and listening to our customers to make sure we keep giving you what you want for every ride.

Design features

Three comfort fabrics

  1. Cool-Air Mesh Pants for Hot and Humid Weather
  2. All-Season Adventure Pants for All Weather—our most popular armored pants for over 20 years
  3. Performance-Thermal Pants for Cool/Cold weather

Read what our customers have to say:

“My jeans were destroyed. The doctor at the emergency room was amazed that my legs had no rash.”

“Within one month of buying the armored pants I had a seizure while riding at 55 mph and woke up in the ditch with paramedics cutting my clothes off. I had a sprained thumb and dislocated ankle and lots of scrapes, but absolutely no injuries in the areas protected by the armor.”

“Just received my Bohn Armor Pants in mail yesterday. I got the All-Season Adventure pants. Not too thick, not too thin. Tried them on with a few pairs of my favorite riding jeans. And they fit well. Barely noticeable… even in tight flex/stretch jeans. Very nice. Inserted the thigh protector pads and tried jeans on again. Still, barely noticeable.”

As I was laying on my hands and knees on Hwy 85 I thought I had a broken leg and ribs. Upshot? The doctors and nurses in the ER were just amazed. No broken bones, no road rash. I did feel like someone had beaten me with a baseball bat. But, I walked out of the ER!

I recently tested the lower leg (knee and shin) guards when I encountered a live alligator crossing the middle of the road. I swerved right to avoid the head and as he flipped around his tail caught me in the lower left leg. Fortunately, I stayed on the bike and was able to ride it out.”