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“Over 20 years ago we set out to make the most comfortable, cool, armored clothing available for riding in the extreme heat and humidity.

Since then our product versatility, low profile armor and unique fabrics, colors and sizing options have kept us going strong.”


Our armored motorcycle riding shirts and pants worn together, protect you from shoulders to shins in any season.

Bohn offers year-round comfort with three riding season fabric options

  1. Cool-Air Mesh—hot/humid weather, including extreme temperatures
  2. All-Season Adventure—all weather
  3. Performance-Thermal—cooler/cold weather

CE EN1621-1 Level 1 Armor—provides incredible armored impact protection (on shoulders, elbows, tailbone, hips, thighs, knees and shins).

Freedom of movement —Armor conforms to your body and enables full range of motion

Sizes XXS to XXXL—to fit all body types

Multiple color options to suit your style

Armor is comfortable, flexible and low-profile

Fits under your own clothing. If you like to wear jeans when you ride our pants provide you with impact protection and some secondary abrasion protection where the armor covers your skin. Our shirts can be worn alone or under a lightweight jacket.

Removable armor—so you can easily launder your fabric shells

American company based in Northern California. In fact, all of our Fabric Shells are made right here in the USA!

90-day money back guarantee. If for any reason our product does not work for you, return it for a full refund within 90 days.

Bohn Armored Shirts

Wear our riding shirts by themselves, over a T-shirt or with your favorite jacket. Bohn Armored shirts are versatile and protect the ‘corners’ of your body by holding the armor snug. Our unisex design fits both men and women from sizes XS-3XL.

Protection Includes:

Fabric Shells:

Bohn Armored Pants

Now you can wear your own clothing and still be protected. Wear our Bohn Armored riding pants under your regular jeans—your friends will never know! Our body armor is comfortable and protects you at the points.

Protection Includes:

Fabric Shells:




“Bohn Body Armor is the ultimate, lightweight, breathable protection you’ve been searching for!”