Cool-Air Mesh Armored Riding Pants

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Cool-Air Mesh Armored Riding Pants


  • Removable, Armor offers 9-point protection (tailbone, hips, thighs, knees and shins – CE-Level 1 on knees, shins and hip)
  • Keeps you super COOL on the hottest rides
  • 100% breathable mesh fabric provides total air flow around legs, backside and crotch
  • Soft, stretchy and comfortable
  • Reinforced seams for added durability—lasts for years with proper care
  • Wear under your favorite jeans, pants or rain-gear

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Protection and Comfort:

The Cool-Air Mesh Armored pants can be worn as a base layer under jeans or pants in hot and humid riding conditions.


  • Removable, Armor offers 9-point protection (tailbone, hips, thighs, knees and shins – CE-Level 1 on knees, shins and hip)
  • High-performance shock absorption
  • Flexible—fits the curves of the body
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Tear and break-resistant
  • Repeat performance (rarely needs replacement after a fall/crash)

Fabric and Design:

  • Ultra-Cool, lightweight, 100% mesh with reinforced seams
  • Comfortable 4-way stretch fabric
  • Convenient ankle zippers—easy on, easy off
  • Soft, fine mesh feels good against the skin
  • Breathable comfort for hot, humid weather


  • 100% air flow throughout entire pants
  • Stretchy mesh fabric keeps armor in place while giving you great range of motion
  • Removable armor for easy laundering
  • Virtually invisible under your favorite clothing
  • Non-shrink/non-run fabric


  • Cool and comfortable
  • Freedom of movement
  • Unisex design fits both men and women from XS through XXL
  • Lasts for years with proper care
  • Easy to launder, fast drying

Pair with: Cool-Air Shirt for the ultimate motorcycle riding protection system.

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Waist: Measure around natural waist—not too loose, not too snug.
Measure from inside top of thigh to the middle of ankle bone. See diagram below for where to measure.
For women’s sizing, please scroll down

27-31  SMM    
28-32   MLL   
29-33    LXLXL  
31-36      XXLXXLXXXL


Your SizeBohn Pants Size
4 – 6XXS
6 – 8XS
8 – 10S
10 – 12M
12 – 14L
14 – 16XL
16 – 18XXL

Care Instructions

It’s easy to wash! The fabric pockets allow you to remove armor and wash your garment like regular clothing.

Follow the steps below to ensure long lasting wear.

  1. Pull back the lip on the pockets to remove the armor. (Note: failure to remove armor may cause damage to the fabric)
  2. Wash the shells on a low temperature regular (or gentle – preferred) cycle to prevent shrinking or stretching of the fabric. Be sure not to wash garments with other garments which may have Velcro or hooks that could catch the fabric
  3. Dry shells on low temperature or hang dry
  4. When dry, re-insert the armor into their respective pockets and pull the fabric lip of the pocket over the armor. This ensures that the armor stays safely in one place during wear.

With proper care our garments have lasted our customers decades. We hope you have yours for many years to come.

If for any reason you find that you have damaged a fabric shell or need to replace a worn out fabric shell, see our fabric shells page.

Customer Questions

Q: Are these pants abrasion resistant?
A: The main design function of our Motorcycle Pants is impact protection. While the armor pieces do offer you some abrasion resistance in a fall, the pants themselves are not reinforced with Kevlar or Cordura.  Our goal with our pants is to keep the armor right where you need it if you need it. The armor stays snug to your body and won’t flop around unlike other riding pants do. 

Most of our customers wear our pants with a pair of jeans or riding pants and find that those two alone provide plenty of protection in a crash. However, adding a pair of Kevlar pants over these motorcycle pants would be the perfect combination. 

Q: Will they look bulky under my jeans?
A: Not at all. Often times no one will ever know you are wearing them. 

Q: Won’t these pants be HOT?
A: No, not at all. These Motorcycle pants are quite cool. They are made of a very soft, stretchy Mesh that lets air pass right through to help keep you cool.  We recommend you read the reviews to determine if these will work for you. 

Q. Do I need to purchase a larger sized pair of riding pants so these fit over them?
A. In our experience (and 1000’s of others) you do not need to purchase a new pair of larger pants to fit over our motorcycle pants. 

Q: Do I have to wear underwear with these?
A: That is a personal choice that we leave up to our customers, but most riders choose to wear undergarments with their Adventure for cleanliness, hygiene and modesty reasons. Remember these pants are somewhat “see-through”.

Q: Do these have a fly?
A: Yes, please let us know by leaving a note that you would like a fly when you check out.

Q: What is the difference between the Cool-Air pants and Adventure Lycra pants?
A:  The Adventure Pants are made from a stretchy, mid-weight Lycra® fabric with a ventilated crotch panel.  The Cool-Air Pants are made entirely from a stretchy, lightweight elastic mesh material. Both types of pants have tailbone, hip, knee/shin and thigh armor. Adventure pants have consistently been popular among our all-season riders. The Cool-Air motorcycle pants are popular for people who ride in very hot and humid climates. 

Rider Pictures

Hermie wearing the Cool-Air Mesh Armored Riding shirt and the Cool-Air Mesh Armored Riding Pants

Hermie from Mooresville, NC is wearing the Cool-Air Mesh Riding Pants under his motorcycle jeans and the Cool-Air Armored Motorcycle Shirt over a t-shirt.

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